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Sweet Leenie began with a humble start. Our founder had just recently graduated college and found herself in an economy with very few jobs in her field of study. She began working at Whole Foods as a way to learn more about her favorite hobby – food and everything about it. Her daily joy was sharing her favorite products with customers, teaching them how to use them and finding out more about the products. It wasn’t until she was pulled aside by her Team Leader that she learned the impact the conversations she loved was having on the lives of others. Her Team Leader had been contacted by a company who wanted to know how their department had moved from 25th in sales to number one. The Team Leader shared Kathleen’s enthusiasm for the brand with the owners and, in turn, the owners sent her a case of the product. This Virginia based company was so thrilled to have an advocate amongst store ranks that they even came to visit her a week later. From that moment forth, Kathleen found her joy in demoing products made by locals – finding ways to incorporate them into recipes and sharing their stories with shoppers.









After a year and a half, Kathleen’s demos had become a regular feature of her department and a treat for customers. One night, over a pasta and bruschetta demo, the Sweet Leenie founder was approached by three women who advised her to take her efforts and pursue supporting these businesses on her own. They had been observing her for a year and had began businesses of their own and recognized the help that a passionate person could provide for the community. The next week, Kathleen quit and created Sweet Leenie. Four months later, she began working her first staffer and over three years later, we now operate with a growing team of 6, plus. We have made mistakes, corrected these mistakes, and innovated new ways to create success for our clients. We have grown from a one state demo company, to now demoing in four states and the nation’s capitol. Every day, it is an honor to work with the clients we have, to learn from the clients we’ve lost, and to build new, and stronger dynamics with the clients we acquire. We look forward to the years to come, helping our clients through the growing pains and sharing the beauty of their origin stories.

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As we have grown with our clients, we have observed the next big hurdle in company success – finding excellent support outside of our region. Although Sweet Leenie is a company focused on supporting the Mid-Atlantic region, no one wants to leave a client high and dry, especially ones as supportive and delicious as ours. Sweet Leenie has developed a program to assist with expansion outside of our region. We offer traveling ambassadors – sending staff to other parts of our nation to be there when you cannot. To introduce themselves to stores, collect information of other demonstrators, and to train new brand advocates on how to embody the spirit of our clients’ companies. We are also developing demonstration partnerships, reaching out to companies across the US to find great recommendations as clients grow. We recognize that demonstrations will be the key to successful growth and stability of a company. We want to make sure the staff you have elsewhere understand this as well.